Originally Slüshie is thinking that Illuminati is silly because no world government is of competent enough to keep massive secret.

However we are now seeing new evidence of Swedish IKEA Meatball Illuminati may be possibly to exist. As responsible international citizen we are support establishment of taskforce to investigate.

We are proposing term of reference for enquiry.

General principle:

  1. If Illuminati is operate in Estonia then nobody care because Estonia is Boring
  2. If finding of Tessaract then probably leave alone because Tom Hiddleston is getting possessive and stabby and is really not good time
  3. If meatball is found to containing of horse meat then eat so become strong like horse
  4. Lingonberries are not real. Are just blueberries in drag. Do not be of deceived.

Conduct of enquiry:

  1. No yelling, biting, or licking of animals
  2. Is ok to call some Swede "rutabaga", but not the people type of Swede
  3. Making to sure that Britishes are not going to join enquiry, and then decide to leave half way though enquiry. If is happen, please to make sure to advise for catering purpose beforehand.

Intended outcomes:

  1. Is Swedish IKEA Meatball Illuminati trying to cover world in reasonably price furniture?
  2. Is Meatball really euphemism for other round object like egg or pizza?
  3. If pizza is of the round, why is it coming in square box? Are the Italians involved too, or are they still busy losing war and then switching sides?
  4. Further direction will be provided by Bing Maps.
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