Slüshie band members are of the strong inclination that in current Western Liberal Democrat Developed Totalitarian Conservative Autonomous Regions of the globe, the substantial portion of the population who suffer from larger-than-average heads are not being provided for or even acknowledged by their local branch of government. Slüshie is in strong support of:

- reducing the percentage of potentially offensive or outright discriminatory legislature against persons with larger-than-average heads.

- creating houses, roads, local cultural organisations and water irrigation systems that better cater towards the seriously overlooked large-headed population.

- providing economic respite in the form of welfare for the extra money that a person with a large head may need to spend in the purchasing clothes and other public amenities.

- a ban on poster boards of musical groups and politically relevant figures with tiny head cut-outs that blatantly discriminate against the large-headed population while unfairly catering to the unimportant marginal population known as "children".

Slüshie has publicly endorsed the L.H.A.A.S. (pronounced kjøleskap in local dialect) and has made financial agreements with supporting governments, including those of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the Kingdom of Sealand, the People's Republic of New Pluckafornia and an elderly clog maker in regional Ireland who believed he was signing an agreement that would prevent the local authorities from bulldozing his house to make way for a brand new, state of the art raised cross-country monorail development.

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