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This is for fan of Slüshie, leading Norwegian experimental post-acoustic indie folk metal band. Please to be create article about band member also music and other thing.

Place to be of finding out about SlüshieEdit

Slüshie is very secretive and is only releasing music secretly. However they are also getting of bored about this and also publishing on the Twitters.

Political View of Slüshie Edit

Slüshie is very political activate. Here is list of political manifesto

Bass Player Edit

Slüshie has many bass player as the years dwindle into twilight. Here is incomplete listing:

  • Gorthor the Unbreakable (fell into well)
  • Sharmoth the Strangely Proportion (mistaken for Picasso painting, sold at auction for $2.50)
  • Ethelred the Locrian (turns out was not real because cannot tonicise diminished chord)
  • Wyrdimont Aloucious Delorean the Twelfth (fell into well)
  • Steve (too mainstream)
  • Steve the Less Mainstream (nice try, Steve. That fade is not fool anyone)
  • Steve the Antidiscrimination Lawsuit Bringer (<redacted by court order>)
  • Victor Wooten (left to go to primary school)
  • Juthien the Slightly Out Of Time (fell into well)
  • Gor-Hagharoth the Inebriated (play too many polyrythym)
  • Reggie (only play Rastamouse tune, until steel drum impact into skull, and then fell into well)
  • Aslaug the Dull Witted (licked suspicious mushroom)
  • Brynhild of the Twelve Toes (fell into well)
  • Yngvld the Hater of Vowels (refuse to play A and E)
  • Arne (turns out it was a tumor)
  • Okthalmut the Possessor Of Seven Toes (had weird jar of toes)
  • Georgia (had other thing on his mind)
  • Helmut the Barbarian (fell into well)
  • Ashurbanipal (died in 631BC and so not very hip)
  • Small Pile Of Rocks In The Shape Of Elephant (fell into well)
  • Elun Mosk (cheap Aldi version, broke after 20 minute)

People that are not Slüshie Edit

People often confuse other people with people. Here is list of people confirm to not be in Slüshie:

People That On Balance Of Probability Are Not Slüshie Member

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